S3 Drama stars on stage

The S3 Drama Competition was held earlier this month and it was a great evening of entertainment.

The stimulus for the competition was Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and the audience enjoyed a number of pieces, which were a collaboration between our S3 Drama Club and our S6 Drama pupils.

The directors and performers had been working together since January and the ambitious and entertaining pieces ranged in genre from traditional and thoughtful theatre to balletic, dramatic, faux documentary and experimental styles.

Ten groups competed for title of 'Winning Group' and an 'Outstanding Performance' prize was awarded to the individual actor who impressed Judge David Lee-Michael, the Course Director for Glasgow Clyde Acting and Performance Diploma and joint Artistic Director of Fizzgig Theatre Company.

Congratulations to Ellie Forbes who won the 'Outstanding Performance' prize in her role as Titania in the piece directed by Niharika Madhukar.

The 'Winning Group' prize went to Director Gwen Harcus and her actors Emma Paterson, Frances Colin, Fiona Forster and Hafsa Hahmood. Gwen's adaptation included comedy, mystery and some light-hearted tomfoolery.

Rector Dr Greig said: "The drama competition was very entertaining and congratulations to the winners."

Thanks to David Lee-Michael for coming along to judge our talented performers.

More pics from the night are available on our Flickr



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