S3 Money Sense workshop


S3 Economics pupils were treated to a money sense workshop by two representatives from the Royal Bank of Scotland on Wednesday.

Our workshop was on mobile data plans and was very informative. We split into groups and the representatives introduced themselves and told us what they do in the bank. This was very interesting as they had jobs we had not heard of before.

Our first task was to list the features we look for in a phone from most important to least important. While we did this the representatives came round the groups giving us information and answering questions. We then justified our choices before moving on to the next task.

We were given four mobile plans and we had to choose the best value plan for the phone that came with it and again we justified our choices. Our final two tasks were to look at plans that would be suitable for four different people who use their phones for different things.

We then found a plan for one of them using real life options  by researching online. We presented our plan and our phone and why it was suitable for the person we chose. We had to do this in just 1 minute!

The presentations were both funny and informative and we all had a great afternoon. We would like to thank the representatives from the RBS for a wonderful afternoon.

Report by Saketh Jampana  S3D

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