S6 Pupils design satellite

A talented group of S6 pupils designed and constructed their own fully functional satellite to reach the final of the UK-CANSAT competition.

Rishabh Manjunatha, Wan-Ian Tran, Cheryl Docherty and Jack Leslie worked tirelessly during their own free time throughout the ear to make the satellite which was no larger than the dimensions of a drinks can.

Team Aurora proposed to make a two part satellite; 'Lumos One' supported by a parachute and 'Lumos Two' being a quad-copter designed to reduce its rate of descent by activating its motors once it had detached.

They travelled with teacher Dr Walker to York to take part in the final event over three days from Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th March.

Lumos Two experienced some technical problems on the morning of the launch and Aurora could only claim partial success at that stage. However the group made an excellent presentation to the judges who were suitably impressed by the ambition of the team's design. In the end our pupils narrowly missed out to the team from Tonbridge School.

Congratulations to Team Aurora on a fantastic project.

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