Scottish mathletes complete at Hutchie

The School  hosted the Independent schools’ Enterprising Mathematics competition last Thursday.

A total of 28 teams comprising 4 pupils and one teacher from around Scotland came to test their times tables and puzzle through some Pythagoras.

The pupils had to compete in three different rounds, mixing practical work, with more abstract ideas. Could you have competed in this event:

What is the last digit in the following calculation? (no calculators allowed)

238 978 456 836 x 53 786 453 768


After the final round the scores were counted and the 4 qualifying teams were as follows:

1st Stewart’s Melville

2nd Dollar

3rd Hutchesons’

4th George Heriot’s

Congratulations to all the pupils involved as well as the teams who will go on to the national final in November. Many thanks to Mr Adams for organising and running the event.

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