All pupils in S1 - S2 take mathematics and English, physics, chemistry, biology, Latin, one modern language chosen from French, German or Spanish, technology, RE, geography, history and modern studies, art, drama, ICT, music, PE and games.

This range of subjects is rare, but this broad foundation forms an important cornerstone for future development. Year tutors guide S3 - S4 pupils in the choice of 7 core subjects reflecting their individual strengths and interests, and many pupils opt to take a ‘twilight' course in one more subject after school. Depending on the subject pupils can enter exams at National 5 in S4, or bypass them in favour of the Higher curriculum.


S5 - S6 pupils are also offered guidance as they prepare for Highers, their most important exams, followed by a combination of Advanced Highers and A levels. Most S5 pupils sit five Highers and many sit six! At this stage 23 subjects are possible and most combinations of subjects are available.

Hutchesons' often has the highest number of exam entries at Higher of any school in Scotland, and our results are all the more outstanding for that fact.

S6 at Hutchesons' also offers a uniquely broad and stimulating environment. Academic responsibility and opportunities for leadership combine to create a challenging and rewarding experience. Our S6 pupils have established self-discipline and a balanced perspective on broader aspects of learning. We offer more than 60 different courses, with subjects such as psychology, philosophy, accounting and finance, media studies, further mathematics, politics and general studies plus a stunning variety of short external and in-house courses. A weekly lecture series ‘Talking Points' and a sophisticated and smooth-running Higher Education guidance programme  to see all our pupils through to the university of their choice completes the picture.

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Comprehensive information on our curriculum is available by downloading the School Handbook, which is updated on an annual basis.