Hutchesons' Grammar School is planning to improve the range and quality of the sports facilities, providing pupils with the opportunity to take part in and try new activities. 

The Fitness For All weekend was hosted by the school's Development Office in January as part of the Sports Strategy Fundraising Campaign to raise money to equip our new sports facility.

The weekend, held on January 27th and 28th, saw staff, pupils and friends of the school try out a range of fitness classes, take part in challenges and learn something new, with an array of equipment and stalls on offer in the Assembly Hall. 

Earlier this week pupils at Beaton Road and Kingarth Street found a variety of ways to raise money, selling colourful wristbands and collecting sponsorship money. 

Sunday was the main challenge day and saw volunteers row the length of the River Clyde on rowing machines, cycle the equivalent of the Etape Caledonia and run the distance of Hampden Park to Murrayfield Stadium (and back again!). 

A Beep Test on Sunday afternoon saw dozens of staff, pupils and parents get involved at the school MUGA, with Rector Mr Gambles narrowly missing out on first place - Head Boy Fraser Belmore raced across the line and was crowned the winner. 

The Bring Sally Up Challenge saw the Senior rugby boys and volunteers join Bursar, Mr McColgan to take on the viral internet challenge in the Assembly Hall.

In the Sports Department, Mr Scott, Ms McArthur and Miss Thomson (aka. Hercules and the Hydras) managed to lift the combined weight of S1-3 in a 2-hour period at 437 pupils at an average weight of 48kgs per pupil.

The team managed to smash their target by reaching 20,200kgs in 1 hour, with Ms McArthur and Miss Thomson lifting 10,000kgs between them by doing leg presses and lateral pull downs, whilst Mr Scott was able to bench-press 10,200kgs.


On the running track, Senior Depute Rector Mr Martin led four 10k events joined by Head of Art, Mrs Breckenridge, with two taking place on Saturday and two on Sunday. A number of parents and pupils joined him for at least one of the runs and raised money through sponsorship.

Beaton Road welcomed fitness instructors throughout the weekend, with events including Girls Football, Body Combat, Pilates/Core Conditioning, British Military Fitness and Yoga taking place across the campus. 

Stalls and Sponsors also came along to provide information including Aberdein Considine, Origin Fitness, Glasgow Life, Rangers Football Club, Giffnock North and Clydesdale Hockey. The University of Glasgow and Origin Fitness kindly provided equipment for our volunteers to take on the distance challenges held on Sunday. 

The Development office thanked all of their sponsors and those who came along to support the fantastic fundraiser weekend. They have managed to raise more than £2,750, with more money coming in which will help to equip our new sports facility.  

To see photographs from the event, please click here

If you wish to find out more about how to support our Sports Strategy Campaign, please email