Stage set for New York success!

Having just completed her first year at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, Hollybeth Gourlay (C2014) is fully embracing the New York experience.

She is massively looking forward to returning for her second year, having gained merit credits from the school on completion of her first year.

Hollybeth has been fortunate enough to perform in an original off-Broadway play ‘Old Haunts’, which is now in its second run at the New York fringe, where she has now been brought back as a choreographer for the production. Hollybeth has also been offered a position as one of three in the chorus for the off-Broadway production of The neo-political cowgirls’ ‘EVE’.

This is the third time this dance theatre immersive has been produced, with this its broadway debut. Running for the month of September at The Gym at the Judson in Manhattan, she began working as an intern for the company, only to be promoted on her first day to stage manager. From here she swiftly gained momentum also taking over and assisting with PR and marketing. She was delighted to be offered the position as a dancer at the end of the two week process and is very excited for the show to start.

Since her move, Hollybeth has also started to write her own work both for theatre - straight plays, musicals and screen and is excited to be embarking on these upcoming projects in the next few weeks.

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