Surgeons' lecture

The Christmas Lecture at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow has been one of the most enthralling and informative experiences.

The talk was conducted by three surgeons of the society who briefed the students from various schools on the topic ‘Global Health’. The first speaker Mr Stuart Fergusson talked about the unfair distribution of medical resources around the world and its adverse effects on the people of the low income countries. He shone light on a few experiences of his in Africa and the problems that people of that nation face due to low or sometimes no medical approach.

The second speaker was Mr Stuart Baird, the former Vice President of RCPSG who is a Podiatric Surgeon and Expert. He talked to the students about a few of his cases in countries like Africa and India. He briefed us on how the countries are not concentrating on the important aspects such as medicines and how the policies are politically inclined away from the people and their care.

The final speaker was the President of RCPSG, Mr David Galloway, who is a Surgeon specialising in Oncology. His talk was on ‘Crocodiles and Dinosaurs’, his experiences in a missionary hospital run by a European couple in Chitokoloki in Africa. He talked about the staff of the hospital who work selflessly at the hospital and how a few other native people are trained on the use of equipment for Radiology and Pathology by the doctors.

He also talked about the environment and the living conditions of the people and also about the various adversities and diseases they face. He expressed his concerns for the people there and how they are in dire need of medical care and assistance. He talked about being health advocates and responsible health contributors to the world.

Overall, the lecture was an amazing learning experience and we, as potential medical students, learnt a lot of important values and ethical approaches from the medical experts at the College.  We also learned about how we all will be responsible for the health of the world in the future and how we must conserve it with all the resources in our hand, selflessly and faithfully.

Report by Prem Nagaraj, S5

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