Primary 1

From the very first day, teachers work towards increasing independence in the children’s learning and are quick to recognise individual strengths or talents. Our aim is to ensure each child fulfils his or her potential in whichever direction that may lie.

Under the watchful eye of experienced teachers, Primary 1 pupils receive a firm grounding in the essential building blocks of reading, writing and number.  At the same time they are encouraged to expand their horizons and explore the wider world through a range of social subjects and science topics including ‘Taking Care of Ourselves, ‘Penguin Small’, ‘Toys’ and ‘Life Cycles’.
Freedom of expression is key to the development of children’s creative skills and this is encouraged through a range of music, art and drama activities led by specialist teachers. The highlight of the year is a showcase event in the Summer Term based on the theme of ‘Life Cycles’. Parents enjoy a short concert followed by a visit to the Primary 1 classrooms where the children explain what they have learned and perform practical experiments.
P1 Life Cycles Showcase
Without doubt, the centrepiece of this whole event is the ‘round the clock’ film of the rearing and hatching of our very own chicks. Our new Infant playground, secret garden and outdoor classroom are designed to encourage independence and intelligent play. We are confident that your children would quickly develop into proud Hutchesonians with a sense of responsibility both to themselves and the School.