The Hot Mikado Show 2016

This year’s Senior Show The Hot Mikado was a whirlwind of drama, songs, comedy and creative characters which had the audience enthralled right from the opening scene.

The main stage at Beaton Road was transformed into an authentic Japanese setting and the costume and make-up department must also be congratulated on their vision of The Hot Mikado characters.

The pupils’ performance was faultless and the talent on stage on Friday night was phenomenal - a credit to their commitment to the show.

The School’s musicians provided the music for the Broadway classic and again their performances were fantastic.

The pupils, many of whom had officially left school earlier in the day, thanked their drama teachers, wardrobe department, choreographer and music department in an emotional farewell at the end of the show.

They also presented Dr Greig with a leaving gift as a thank you for his support for the Drama Department during his time as Rector.

A fantastic show which was thoroughly enjoyed by those who came along to see the performance.

More photos of the show can be seen here.

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