Top Flight hockey

Last weekend the School's 1stXI girls' hockey team in a UK wide tournament called Top Flight and they put in some impressive performances to finish 5th place. Here the girls report on the tournament.

We played six matches against schools from Scotland, England and Ireland over the two days. The tournament started with a tough game against Regents which ended in a 1-1 draw after an amazing goal from Carla Foxworthy and an admirable performance from Jan King.

For the next match against Ursaline, the team stepped up their game and won 3-1. The team scored another two goals in the next game, but Mount Anville’s fast breaks proved the better of us even with a great performance from Orla O’Reilly. We then stayed the night as a team, taking part in a variety of team building activities with a special mention to Ellie Buchanan for her thought out games.

Our first match on Monday was against our toughest competitors, Mary Erskine. Unfortunately, we lost 0-1, when we should have capitalised on our strong attacking play especially from Megan Kane throughout the whole game. We were tired from our hard fought match and went on to play Rathdown, this was a tough game that ended 1-1 and Tia Mansbridge having to be walked off the pitch after a nasty knee injury.


Due to the draw, the game went to penalty flicks, where Abi Harrowell, Sophie Highet, Chloe Mathers, Charlotte Mason and Louise Redpath stepped up to take the penalties. After the first round of penalties it was a 4-4 draw and went down to sudden death, after a superb save from Mairi Fletcher, Chloe went on to score the last flick to secure the match. This now meant we went to the 5th/6th play-off where were playing Mount Anville once again.

We were determined to prove we were the better team this time, which we succeeded in due to a mid-way penalty flick from Abi Harrowell and excellent play from Louise Redpath and the rest of the team. Overall we were happy with the result of 5th place out of 16 due to the huge number of fantastic teams involved in the tournament. Big thank you to Mrs Green and Miss Johnstone for helping us get that far and motivating us throughout the whole tournament to achieve our best.

Two days later we were back on the hockey field for another tournament, the West District Cup. Despite our tired and heavy legs, we managed to secure 2nd place in our group, winning against Lomond 3-0, drawing 1-1 against Kelvinside, and 0-0 against Glasgow Academy. This meant we were playing our rivals The High School of Glasgow, who came top in their section in the semi-final. Unfortunately, they scored in their one attacking play and we were not able to return a goal in the second 10-minute half due to our tiredness getting the better of us. This was a devastating result due to our hard fought efforts. We hope to show our full potential in future tournaments.

Regents 1-1

Ursaline 2-0

Mt Anville 2-4

Mary Erskine 0-1

Rathdown 0-0 penalty flicks - sudden death Chloe

Mt Annvile 1-0



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