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We are delighted to have all our pupils and staff back in school. If you are interested in joining Hutchesons’ for the 2020/21 session you can sign up for one of our open mornings here. For more information about joining Hutchesons’ and for availability in specific year groups please email our Admissions Registrar on



Primary Leadership Day 2020

Primary pupils took part in the first ever Leadership Conference with older and younger pupils coming together to learn about team building .

The children were split into 52 mixed-age teams and given 8 challenges to complete throughout the day. Each challenge was linked to some of the skills and attributes a good leader requires, such as the ability to communicate, collaborate and be organised.

One of the most popular activities was the Balloon Bop, where the teams had to see how many times they could tap the balloon into the air whilst holding hands and making sure they didn’t use their feet. The record was 289!

There were also some incredible fashion shows where the pupils presented their newspaper clothing creations, demonstrating remarkable creativity.

The children also showed great problem-solving skills when trying to transfer balls from one box to another, without using their hands!  The pupils enjoyed making new friends and had lots of fun throughout the day.

To see more photographs from the day, please click here.

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