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Sports Awards

As the 2021/22 season draws to a close, senior pupils gathered this afternoon for our annual Sports Awards.

The Sports Awards give opportunity to reflect on the season’s achievements, and defeats, and honour our outstanding athletes. It’s a chance to praise pupils for their unrelenting dedication to team sports, give thanks for their commitment and bid farewell to leavers.

Mr Dewar gave reflection on the first half of the season, which saw our S4, S5 and S6 pupils, represent the school in Hockey, Rugby and Football on both weekend and midweek fixtures. Following the return from Christmas break, sports were hit by various spells of bad weather including frozen pitches and epic storms. Pupils battled through, but several fixtures were dropped due to the weather. The commitment however from our senior pupils, has been second to none, as alongside these many fixtures, training and preparation on a weekly basis is vigorous. Early morning and lunchtime conditioning, lunchtime team runs and fitness sessions, preparation meetings, team training at Senior Games, afterschool training, game analysis and individual preparations, are some of the extra disciplines required around regular studies.

It has been a tough, and at times, relentless season, but pupils efforts and camaraderie stretch back throughout their years and shows that it is a privilege to be part of the great sporting family of Hutchesons’ Grammar School.

Head Boy and Boys’ Hockey Captain, Owen, shared a few words with attendees, as did Rebecca for Girls Hockey, and Nathan for Rugby, before the presentations commenced.

It was also without a doubt an honour, to welcome back Mr Stuart Lang, former Director of Sport, to present the pupils with their awards today.

Award winners:
• The Philip Noble Trophy 2021/22 – Hamish (S6)
The accolade of receiving the Philip Noble Trophy is undoubtedly held in the highest esteem by the 1st XV. Philip Noble tragically lost his life in a motor accident in his sixth year at school. Philip was an excellent player, extremely popular and a totally committed young man. His sense of humour, enthusiasm and love of life made him stand out from the crowd. Following his death, the Senior Pupils donated a beautiful trophy in memory of Philip.
This year the trophy is being awarded to a Hamish who has shown outstanding dedication and commitment to the team throughout his school career, very much in the way of Philip.

• Willie Wilson Memorial Award for Leadership in Rugby 2021/22 – Logan (S3, not in group photo)
• HGS Commitment in Rugby 2021/22; The Stuart Lang Award – Luke (S6, not pictured at presentation – Mr Milligan, Director of Sport, received on his behalf)
• HGS Commitment in Soccer 2021/22 Tankard – Craig (S5)
• HGS Commitment in Boys Hockey 2021/22 Tankard – George (S6)
• HGS Commitment in Girls Hockey 2021/22 Quaich – Anna (S6)
• HGS Leadership in Hockey 2021/22 Quaich – Maha (S6)
• HGS 1st X1 Soccer Captain 2021/22 Ethan – Ethan (S6)
• HGS 1st X1 Boys Hockey Captain 2021/22 Tankard – Owen (S6)
• HGS 1st X1 Girls Hockey Captain 2021/22 Quaich – Rebecca (S6)
• HGS 1st XV Rugby Captain 2021/22 Tankard – Nathan (S6)

A selection of photos of all the winners can be viewed here – Sports Awards.

Congratulations to all pupils on their outstanding efforts, and farewell to leavers as they pass their sporting baton onto the next generation of Hutchie sports teams.


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