Open Mornings for August 2023 entry

Booking is now open for both our Primary and Secondary Open Mornings for August 2023 entry. The Open Mornings take place on the first Saturday in October and the first Saturday in November respectively. Pre-registration is required and you can register and book your tour time here.


On Monday, January 5th the First Minister announced schools were to close for a second time since the Covid pandemic began in 2020.

The Senior Leadership Team immediately moved the school online with teaching being delivered across all years via live Microsoft Teams sessions, supported by the school’s online teaching and learning platform Firefly.

Secondary School Full Lockdown Learning

Who is it for?

  • All senior pupils who remain fit and healthy. All absences should be reported to the school on each and every morning that the pupils is unable to undertake the school day at home.

Key Features:

  • Pupils register ‘live’ each morning via Teams during form class. Period registration via Teams will also be taken at the start of every class.
  • Each lesson is led by a class teacher who will, via Teams, introduce the lesson and set out the learning tasks for the hour. These may or may not be completed live online, but where the pupils have been asked to complete the tasks offline they may be required to submit evidence of learning to the teacher via Firefly, normally at the end of the period.
  • Teachers ensure good progress is being made via regular checking and assessment of work submitted during these teaching periods.

Primary School Full Lockdown Learning

Who is it for?

All pupils who remain fit and healthy. All absences should be reported to the school on each and every morning that the pupils is unable to undertake the school day at home.

Key Features:

  • A daily register will be taken vis Microsoft Teams allowing the teacher to speak to the whole class, take attendance and introduce learning for the day.
  • A live morning assembly will be broadcast to all pupils on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday.
  • All pupils will receive a weekly overview with a timetable for them to follow. (allowing opportunity for families to work around this timetable over the week if they need to).
  • Daily tasks will be set through the pupil’s FireFly accounts with clear instructions and deadlines. We expect all class tasks set to be completed by pupils. Extension or Enrichment opportunities will also be offered.
  • Pupils will have twice weekly Microsoft Teams sessions to cover learning and wellbeing
  • Additional Learning Support Microsoft Teams sessions will be offered.
  • A whole class Microsoft Teams session allows pupils to share a story or highlights from the week

Feedback and Marking

  • Tasks set for pupils will be marked and feedback given via written comment, audio or where appropriate, through MS Teams meetings (the use of the daily registration and weekly MS Teams meetings should reduce the need to give formal written feedback).

Specialist lessons

Music and PE lessons will follow the timetable and tasks will be set at that time.

Our online provision has been designed to respond quickly to the different levels of restrictions which may be put in place by the Scottish Government and our pupils will transition smoothly between online, blended learning and in-class learning, ensuring continuity of learning at all times.

Secondary Blended Learning

This provides continuity of learning in the event of school opening with enhanced social distancing.

Who is it for?

  • All pupils
  • The plans we have currently in place allow for the full-time return for all pupils.

Key features:

  • Subject departments will ensure an equal experience for every pupil
  • Teachers will make maximum use of physical class time
  • Pupils not physically in school will follow the daily timetable with period registration through Teams. They will also be required to register each morning during Form. This live daily contact first thing in the morning and throughout the day will provide increased structure to the day and allow for close monitoring of pupil attendance in class and engagement in learning.
  • Form teachers and pastoral staff will follow up absences both virtual and physical.
  • Each period will be led by a class teacher who will, via Teams and Firefly, ensure that each pupil, whether in class or at home, has an effective learning experience and have work to do in that hour
  • Pupil progress of those in the ‘home’ week will be regularly checked and their work regularly marked
  • This regular contact with teachers is enhanced with regular pastoral support, one to one and in small groups managed by Year Tutor Teams
  • A member of the Senior Leadership Team will oversee good communication between pupils, pastoral and academic departments for those learning remotely

Our Admissions Registrar Mrs Burns will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our online learning provision and our admissions process. If you would like to have a chat with her please call 0141 433 4402 or email