Pumpkin Pre-School Fun

The Pre-School pupils have had a very busy time exploring pumpkins and all things Hallowe’en.

This autumn the children took part in many pumpkin themed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths), literacy and fine-motor skills activities and enjoyed visiting the mini-zoo at Calderglen Country Park.

They developed their hand-eye co-ordination using the hammer and nails, they explored exothermic reactions when we mixed vinegar and baking soda inside the pumpkins, built their own pumpkin patch in our construction area and acted out the story of the ‘Five Little Pumpkins’ using the ‘munchkin’ pumpkins too.

The children also had the chance to scoop out the pumpkin ‘guts’ and used some very descriptive language when discussing how it felt. The class didn’t want to waste the pumpkins so after all that fun, made some delicious pumpkin soup.

It warmed everyone up as they took a break from playing and enjoyed a cup of soup in the garden.

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