Joining Hutchesons'

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Enabling youngsters to find their inner voice, to encourage excellence without arrogance, to promote a strong sense of social obligation, to foster resilience and show a proper respect for the best of the past is a valid background to a better future, all in a highly cosmopolitan environment. That’s how I define the essence of the Hutchie ethos during my lifetime as pupil and teacher.

Sandy Strang Former pupil and Depute Rector

Sense of Identity

Ethos at Hutchesons’ can best be described as a sense of identity that is recognised, understood, shared and embodied by all in the Hutchesons’ community.

It is an identity respectful of the past but excited by the future. It defines who we are and how we represent ourselves to others. Our ethos is rooted in a set of core values to which all at Hutchesons’ should aspire. We expect pupils to be polite yet friendly, to have self-respect and show regard for others.

Nurturing Hutchie Values

The school actively nurtures and encourages compassion, honesty, tolerance and responsibility. Our pupils develop as well rounded individuals, with strong academic and rich co-curricular achievements.

Hard work, resilience, knowledge, curiosity, creativity and independence of mind are recognised and celebrated and in response children are inspired to ‘aim high’ in all of their endeavours.

Positive Alliances & Partnerships

A positive alliance with parents and pupils is crucial to this success. The School Association and Pupil Council help to forge meaningful consultation, while well-supported Drama, Sport and Musical events, together with interfaith assemblies further create a sense of community.

We believe that ethos is also forged by teamwork, personal challenge and global awareness. A dynamic co-curricular programme flourishes alongside our academic curriculum and growing programme of international education and exchange visits.


At Hutchesons’, we believe that the more you put in, the more you get out of life! Philanthropy is at the core of the Hutchesons’ ethos.

Founded by the humanitarian aims of the Hutcheson brothers in the mid-17th century, today the school supports talented children of all means at the secondary school and gives back to the community through year-round fundraising programmes. The diverse school community hosts many environmental and charitable initiatives which are supported by pupil groups. In the 2017/18 academic year the school raised £28,000 for the charity Calum’s Cabin, and each year we participate in the Youth Philanthropy Initiative.