2019 Open Morning Dates

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Hutchesons’ is proud of its academic high standards and our experienced teachers support pupils to ensure they reach their full potential in whichever area of academic study their talents and interests lie.

Our exam results are regularly among the best in the country but we don’t just celebrate the ‘straight A’ pupils. We are equally proud of the pupils who have worked extremely hard to secure the best set of results for them.

Standout Exam Results

In 2019 our results were amongst the best in the country and we are rightly proud of our pupils’ academic achievements.

For the fourth year running, over two-thirds of all Highers awarded to our Fifth Year were grade A. One-fifth of the cohort, 26 pupils, were awarded 6 grade As and almost half of our Fifth Year pupils, 63, gained five or more grade As. With 148 pupils, this is an amazing set of results.

Fifth Year

  • 148 candidates with an amazing 67% of all Highers awarded being at grade A.
  • 26 pupils, 20% of the year, achieved 6 grade As
  • 43%, achieved at least 5 grade As
  • On average 5.1 Highers per candidate.

Sixth Year

  • 92% pass at AH
  • 48% at grade A, 87% at grades A and B

Fourth Year

  • 76% of all N5 grade A
  • 89% at grade A&B



Year-on-year, consistently high levels of achievement

Although overarching, the graph below provides a rough overview of our pupils’ year-on-year stable, impressive results.

Situated at the bottom of this page, please download the document labelled “2018 Higher Results” for some finer, impressive details about performances at subject level from 2013 onwards.

First Choice Leaver Destinations

Our pupils regularly go on to study at the best universities. This year several pupils have received their places at Oxford and Cambridge, whilst 40% of pupils will enter other Russell Group Universities.

Discover more

A full breakdown of our 2018 Higher results, alongside a detailed list of the universities our 2017 school leavers attended can be found by accessing the download links below.