Open Mornings for August 2023 entry

Booking is now open for both our Primary and Secondary Open Mornings for August 2023 entry. The Open Mornings take place on the first Saturday in October and the first Saturday in November respectively. Pre-registration is required and you can register and book your tour time here.


At Hutchesons’ we encourage pupils to research issues and to be active. Our pupil action groups are an important element of a Hutchie education and we are very proud of our pupils’ involvement in the many groups we offer.

J8 Groups

J8 started in 2008 when a small group of pupils entered a UNICEF competition which offered the best Junior 8 team in the UK the opportunity to discuss global issues with G8 leaders at their annual G8 summit.

The aim of the competition was to devise their own solutions to three of the problems being discussed at the next G8 summit. This prompted the pupils to start thinking about the best ways to solve some of the major global issues and led them to the conclusion that education is the key. The competition sparked a genuine interest and our pupils were keen to continue their work through our partnership with the Dr.N.S.A.M. English-medium High School in Nitte, India. Over the years we have developed links with more schools abroad, working with them to increase access to education. 

J8 groups are pupil led teams who examine global issues such as poverty, inequality and development, with the specific aim of addressing educational issues. The groups work together with link schools in India, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Botswana and Bangladesh to research global concerns and improve access to education. As part of their commitment, J8 teams will fundraise to support the sponsorship of education for children in their link schools.


During a recent visit Human Rights Defender, Bonface Massah, who is from Malawi and has albinism, delivered a talk to the pupils on his role defending people with the condition in his home country. He spoke about the Amnesty International campaign which he helped to launch, focusing on combatting the stigma around his condition in Malawi.

Pupil Council

Primary and Secondary pupils have the chance to join the Pupil Council, which meets twice a month to discuss various school issues.

The Council does a great job in making the pupil voice heard and puts forward many important suggestions to help improve our school. Form classes elect representatives from each Form class