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Our Hutchie Holiday Club is open to all children from all schools, and is action-packed to keep the holidays fun and full of adventure. To find out more about the summer programme, please click here.


Brothers George and Thomas Hutcheson were prominent men in the legal, financial and civic life of Glasgow in the 17th century. Shortly before his death in 1639 George Hutcheson made bequests for the foundation of Hutchesons’ Hospital and drafted a settlement for a School.

Philanthropic Bequests

Thomas Hutcheson (below) carried out the intentions of his brother (right) and made further specific bequests and practical provisions for the School.

History records that, six months before his death, Thomas laid the foundation stone of Hutchesons’ Hospital and School on 19th March 1641. The first pupil attended the new School in 1643.


The Rise of Hutchesons’ Grammar School.

From its very creation, Hutchesons’ Grammar School has been an important part of the history and social fabric of Glasgow, and its many incarnations have run parallel to the development and growth of the vibrant city it calls home.

The School has kept pace with the city, from its charitable beginnings as a humble school for young boys in the town centre; to the rise of individual elementary secondary schools for boys and then later girls, and finally to the amalgamation of both schools on the site of the Boys Grammar in 1976.

Hutchesons’ continues to evolve and expand and is now firmly established as one of the largest and most successful independent schools in Scotland.

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