“As I look out on our calm secret garden at the heart of the Senior School, the messages that I would like to share with you crystallise in my mind. As usual, our pupil and parental feedback provide me with real insight. An email came in to me from a family who joined us containing the following.

…after his first day at Hutchie "Mum, I know this is a weird thing to say as it's only my first day but I feel like I belong". We hadn't realised how much he was affected by the disruption in class at his old school or how much he held back as he didn't want to be seen as 'smarty pants' or 'teacher's pet'.

Belong, Flourish, Achieve

Hutchesons’ is a school where children are flourishing. Our warm and welcoming pastoral teams are highly trained and superb at keeping a close eye on all pupils, whether those who are making the transition to us or those more established.

Small class sizes, averaging 17 in the senior school, allows individual attention and excellent learning. The teachers are passionate advocates of their subject and always specialists whether it be in a particular science, language or humanity.

Academic Excellence

Our examination results continue to be excellent with, for example from last session, 65% of all Fifth Year Higher results being awarded a grade A.

Our unique curricular pathways allow bespoke twilight courses to be studied as preparation for Higher without National 5 as well as National 5 bypass. These paths allow pupils to avoid the tedious hoop jumping that can accompany these qualifications and also paves the way for a number to study six or more Highers in Fifth Year: this truly makes these talented candidates stand out.

Academic Success Hutcheson Grammar School Glasgow

Nurturing Individuality & Creativity

But we know it is more than just exam grades. Our ethos is strong, and produces young people with a great work ethic, a strong moral compass and a wide range of interests and skills.

We get to know our youngsters, identify their interests and strengths and then encourage them to blossom and develop their potential. We have a huge range of opportunities outside the classroom to ensure this happens. We are particularly proud of our facilities that support our extensive extra-curricular programme.

We are in close contact with our former pupils, and are widening the number of opportunities for meetings through our Hutchie Hubs: whether by graduation year, current location or interest.

"Hutchie has been the foundation of all that I have gone on to do - and for that, I am eternally grateful."

Kevin Sneader – Global Managing Partner at McKinsey.

“I can put my hand on heart and take an oath that my memories of Hutchie are all happy ones, it is an extraordinary place to learn and live…I benefitted from a really complete education, learning to be part of a family and of a community…It gave me the building blocks for the career I’ve had. It gave me confidence, enthusiasm, a work ethos, commitment and dedication.”

Alison Di Rollo, Solicitor General

So, I trust that the feedback from our pupils, along with the contents of this website, allow you to gain a flavour of who we are at Hutchie. As ever, you need first hand evidence that your son or daughter will flourish with us – so don’t delay, get in touch and arrange a visit. I look forward to welcoming you to the wonderful school that is Hutchie.”