Hutchie Holiday Club

Join the Hutchie Holiday Club this summer! Open to all children aged 4-16 from any school, our fun-filled programme can be viewed here.


The Holiday Club welcomes children from all schools and is open to 4-16 years olds. We operate Monday to Friday from 8am – 6pm (excluding public holidays and inset days) during February, Easter, Summer and October school holidays.

Why Hutchie Holiday Club

We offer fun filled, multi-activity programmes to keep children entertained throughout the holidays. How do we do this? Well all our activities are designed to create adventure and excitement, ensuring the children have fun.

We offer a safe, caring, nurturing, stimulating and fun environment where children feel valued and listened to.


Our facilities

Our Holiday Club benefits from the facilities available at Hutchesons’ Primary School, Secondary School and its outdoor learning and activity centre at Pollok Park.

Primary School
  • Two dedicated indoor activity rooms
  • Fully equipped indoor gym
  • Art room
  • Large outdoor play space
Secondary School
  • Two fully equipped gym halls
  • Outdoor sports arena including an Olympic standard running track and outdoor multi-use games area
  • Dedicated home economics classroom for cooking activities
  • Art rooms
  • Drama Studio and performance space
Hutchesons’ At Pollok Park
  • Indoor Gymnasium
  • Dance studio
  • Outdoor Multi Use Games Area
  • Climbing wall

Hutchie Holiday Club – the benefits

Self Esteem

Children have the opportunity to try out new, often challenging, activities in a fun, relaxed environment which they may not necessarily get the chance to try elsewhere. This allows them to build confidence in their abilities which in turn increases self esteem.

Social Skills

Children will meet a different group of people to their usual school friends, often forging new, long-lasting friendships.  One of life’s greatest skills is being comfortable meeting new people.  This skill allows the children to engage with new people, build relationships and learn from one another.

Being Outdoors

Spending time outdoors offers a range of benefits for both physical and mental health. Nature can spark children’s inquisitive side and open their eyes to the small wonders of the world.


Being active promotes long-term physical and mental health benefits. Today children are surrounded by electronic devices so building in exercise activities to a child’s daily routine is so important. At Hutchie Holiday Club there is a range of exercise activities to ensure all children can get the physical and mental boost from a fun, exercise session.