Slalom Stars

Having finished in Silver Medal position in the Scottish Schools Ski Association team slalom event in September, the Hutchie team of four skiers secured their place in the finals which took place on the 31st of October.

There, they met the top two teams from each of the Scottish ski centres. The afternoon went well with each of the four skiers ski-ing the course as quickly as possible one after the other. Our team comprised of Beau (P5), Murray and Logan (both P6) and Christopher (P7).

Some of the races were incredibly fast and hard-fought, others saw racers fall rather spectacularly. Murray had a fall where his ski came off and instead of wasting valuable seconds putting it back on, he zoomed down the hill confidently on the remaining ski!

Our team skied their ski socks off but, although they had a great afternoon, they didn’t qualify for the semi finals.

They did the school proud and went home in time to go out guising.

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