A committee of pupil and staff volunteers meets regularly to promote an environmentally conscious ethos in the school.

There are several focus groups covering conservation, waste management, community outreach and healthy living, as well as a group that organises fundraising and awareness-raising events.

Eco Green Flag award!

The Eco Committee is delighted to announce that this year on the 26th October 2015, Hutchesons' Grammar School was awarded the Eco Green Flag!

Prior to the assessment the team from Kingarth Street had a liaison meeting with Beaton Road and held a discussion to prepare for assessment.

On the day of assessment the Eco team answered many eco based questions and S6 pupils toured the school with the assessor. The Eco Committee gave a presentation on the many Eco initiatives that the school is involved in - litter collection, plastic bottle recycling, action fun days, gardening and paper recycling.

Thank you to all members of the Eco Committee and the support from all pupils and staff has been superb. The green flag is now proudly displayed on the flagpole.  

Alexander, Primary Eco Captain