Summer Hutchie Holiday Club

Our Hutchie Holiday Club is open to all children from all schools, and is action-packed to keep the holidays fun and full of adventure. To find out more about the summer programme, please click here.


Hutchesons’ Grammar School is a vibrant, forward-looking school in which pupils of all ages are known and valued as individuals and encouraged to realise their potential both in and out of the classroom. It offers the challenges of high academic demands while supported by an effective pastoral care system.

An extensive pastoral structure, overseen by a Depute Rector, ensures that your child is supported and nurtured throughout their time at Hutchesons’.

Guidance & Support

In the secondary school, first level guidance is provided by form teachers, who interact with pupils on a daily basis, getting to know them as individuals and promoting a group identity via form time.

The form teachers are supported by experienced House staff, who oversee all aspects of pastoral provision and ensure your child is known well throughout their time at Hutchesons’. The form teachers and House staff will remain with your child for all six years of their education. Family groups are placed in the same House allowing you and your child to build a strong, consistent relationship with pastoral staff.

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The Teacher Pupil Relationship

Staff are always available to listen to pupils and can advise on a wide range of topics as they are well trained on issues such as stress and anxiety, positive mental health and coping strategies, eating disorders, depression in adolescence and bereavement.

Our matron also cooperates closely with pastoral staff, from her base in the well-equipped medical suite. Matron is involved in a number of pastoral initiatives across the school, and knows the pupils very well.

Hutchesons' Grammar School Private School Glasgow


We take pride in providing excellent care for our pupils, as young people thrive best when they feel secure.

Hutchesons’ Grammar School is dedicated to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our pupils, and has a robust Wellbeing and Child Protection Policy which provides a framework for all staff. We work hard to ensure that we create a safe environment for young people; staff are well trained and know how to respond to concerns. We also work hard to maintain an environment where young people feel confident about approaching any member of staff if they have a problem or worry.

The secondary school has a dedicated Child Protection Coordinator who manages any day-to-day concerns, and our safeguarding systems are overseen by the school Safeguarding Committee, comprised of Matrons, the Child Protection Coordinators, the Rector, the Safeguarding Governor and an external expert.

The national approach to improving outcomes for children and young people in Scotland is ‘Getting it right for every child’ (GIRFEC). This provides a framework for us to work with you and your child to provide the right support at the right time.

Download our Wellbeing and Child Protection Policy

Read more about GIRFEC

Hutchesons' Grammar School Private School Glasgow