Summer Hutchie Holiday Club

Our Hutchie Holiday Club is open to all children from all schools, and is action-packed to keep the holidays fun and full of adventure. To find out more about the summer programme, please click here.


Hutchesons’ Grammar School has always been proud of its pastoral care provision and experienced guidance staff. In 2021, following extensive consultation with pupil, parents, staff and Governors, an augmented House system was launched to enhance the pastoral care provision. Each House has a team of four staff (Head of House and 3 Assistant Heads of House) allowing each pupil to be known and cared for by the same team for all six years. This experienced team is overseen by a Depute Rector, ensuring a high level of individual care and attention. Each House has one Assistant responsible for the Learning Support needs of pupils within the House, providing a seamless link between the pastoral provision and the Learning Support department, which is overseen by Mrs Alison Martin.

Active Teacher & Parent Partnerships

First level guidance is provided by form teachers, who get to know each individual pupil, encourage a form identity and provide a trusted, daily point of contact.

They are supported by experienced House Staff who oversee all aspects of pastoral provision and develop meaningful staff-pupil relationships through positive House activities. The social development of pupils is also strongly supported within the House system. The school encourages an active partnership with parents in times of celebration and intervention – this will also be a family relationship as all siblings are in the same House.

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Pro-active Pastoral Care

The House Staff work closely with form teachers, Matron and are overseen by the Depute Rector (Pastoral) Gillian Clarke. Our Pastoral Care staff are well trained, and hold a Mental Health First Aid qualification. In addition, each House has senior pupil Mental Health Ambassadors supporting the House Staff in their open door policy, so that any pupil with a concern can approach staff for assistance.

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