Doing It For Daniel Concert

Thank you for supporting the Doing It For Daniel Charity concert. Due to licensing agreements the concert is no longer available to view. However, if you would still like to support our fundraising for Funding Neuro you can donate here.

Your donation will go to help fund a potentially life-saving treatment trial for DIPG tumours.



Hutchesons’ Grammar School is proud of its year tutor system which ensures individual support for pupils when they need it. An extensive guidance team, overseen by a Depute Rector, ensures a high level of individual care and attention is maintained.

Active Teacher & Parent Partnerships

First level guidance is provided by form teachers, who get to know each individual pupil, encourage a form identity and provide a trusted, daily point of contact.

They are supported by an experienced group of year tutors, who oversee all aspects of pastoral provision and develop pupil relationships through social activities. The school encourages an active partnership with parents in dealing with any issues which may be affecting our pupils both at home and at school.

Pro-active Pastoral Care

The year tutor team works closely with form teachers and is overseen by the Depute Rector (Pastoral) Mrs Gillian Fergusson.

Our pastoral care staff are well-trained and our pupils in each year of secondary have a team of teachers to whom they can go to for support. The Year Tutor teams operate an open-door policy so pupils with any concerns or issues can speak to them. We also have a trained counsellor whose sole responsibility is to be available to pupils who, for whatever reason, need to speak to someone.

But our pastoral care is not simply reactive and our staff are pro-active in identifying whether a child needs a little extra support or perhaps just a friendly chat to get “stuff off their chest.” Throughout the academic year they keep a watchful and protective eye over their pupils.