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British Science Week

The theme for the British Science Week 2022 was “Growth”, and Primary School scientists in Kingarth Street have been learning about different aspects of growth.

Through experimenting, researching, creating, and investigating, pupils expanded their science mindset, asked important questions, and shared an amazing range of hard work. From growing rainbows and mould to different plants including cress, basil and avocados, pupils were excited to see their work grow. The good weather was a welcome addition to take the learning outdoors and see how the sunlight affected their growth.

British Science Week is a ten-day celebration in March to celebrate science, technology, engineering, and maths, to inspire young people.

The pupils have been so involved and enthusiastic, that many also took up the “Grow £5 Challenge”, by making cupcakes and Eco-birdfeeders to sell, as well as offering their services to raise money to donate to different causes by doing housework or gardening.

Ailsa (P5) chose to “Grow £5” and has been extremely busy at home baking cupcakes which she has sold in her neighbourhood. Ailsa has been very successful with her enterprise. By using her initial £5 to buy ingredients, she has built up her funds to over £230. The cupcakes were decorated delicately with blue and yellow icing to represent the colours of the Ukrainian flag. Kind-hearted Ailsa decided to donate her profits to the Disaster Emergency Committee – Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

Well done to all Primary School scientists who chose to grow their minds and take part in British Science Week 2022.



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