Festival of Heraldry

The Rector Colin Gambles, Depute Head Boy Robin, and prefect Gregor attended the Festival of Heraldry in St Giles Cathedral on Saturday 3rd December.

The invite was extended after the Lord Lyon attended Prize-Giving in June to officially award Royal Supporters to Hutchesons’. Robin and Gregor have written a short report on their special visit.

December 3rd marked a special date in the calendar for the court of Lord Lyon – it marked the 350th anniversary of the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland.

In light of Lord Lyon presenting us with the ability to include supporters on our school crest, we were invited to the Festival of Heraldry in Edinburgh to represent the school. After an early start and over an hour of travelling we arrived at Parliament House, where we were presented with the Hutchesons’ Banner and the English Society of Heraldry Banner by former pupils Spencer Veitch C1970 and Ian Lennox C1966.

After many interesting discussions with other Banner Bearers, we left Parliament House and paraded to St Giles’ Cathedral, with the banners in full glory. When we entered the picturesque Cathedral, our banners were put on show, and we took our seats for the service. After the service, we were able to chat to and get a photograph with Lord Lyon. Overall, it was an incredible and unforgettable day in Hutchesons’ history, and we look forward to using the new Hutchesons’ Banner in the future!

Robin and Gregor

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