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P2 and Their Minibeast Adventures

Our Primary 2 pupils are learning about minibeasts and the environments they live in.

What better way to launch the start of this new topic, than by taking a trip to the Hidden Gardens.

Through investigation, the pupils identified both living and non-living things, and will learn how to classify different minibeasts and discuss their characteristics. This topic is cross-curricular as it encompasses many subjects like Maths, Science, Writing and Geography.

Pupils will then focus on three minibeasts, the spider, the worm, and the bee, by looking at their habitats, their lifecycle, and their importance within the local environment. Pupils will have lots of creepy crawlies to meet as they explore which ones live in the area by visiting the Hidden Gardens, Queens Park, and H@PP.

After their adventures, pupils hope to finish off the term with an ugly bug ball to celebrate all the creepy crawlies they have met along the way. Watch this space …

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