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S3 Geography Pupils Visit Whitelee Windfarm

As part of the S3 bypass course in Geography last term, the pupils studied Energy which culminated in producing an enquiry project on windfarms.

To bring their learning into context, the pupils were keen to visit Whitelee Windfarm. They were given the opportunity to develop their investigative and problem-solving skills by taking part in a highly interactive practical workshop called ‘Wind Works’. In pairs, the pupils investigated the design of wind turbines and tested four different blade shapes to discover which provided the greatest output.

To build on S3’s knowledge of renewable energy the pupils also went on a guided tour to see the real turbines up close and hear about how they work, feel the power of the wind, and learn about the environment of the windfarm at Whitelee, as well as future developments of renewable energy in Scotland.

Following their return to school, pupils were eager to discuss what they enjoyed most about the trip with one student commenting that “although I have been to Whitelee Wind farm many times, I learnt and saw a lot I didn’t know before”!

It was a thought-provoking and insightful trip into the world of renewable energy.


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