Hutchesons' Grammar School is governed by Hutchesons' Educational Trust, Registered Charity Number SC002922. Hutchesons' Educational Trust is a charitable institution in Glasgow founded by the brothers George and Thomas Hutcheson. 

Thomas built on the foundation set down by George and in his Deed of Mortification dated 1641 made provision for the education of children.

The original patrons administered both the Hospital and its pensions and the school for Boys. Initially this administration was under the original wills or mortifications, but since 1872 this has been under the Hutchesons' Hospital Act which was passed in that year. In 1876 a Girls' school was started in accordance with the powers under the Act. In 1885 however, following upon the Educational Endowments (Scotland) Act 1882 a scheme was made constituting "The Governors of Hutchesons' Educational Trust" as an incorporated body.

This transferred the schools to Hutchesons' Educational Trust by whom they are still administered in terms of the Hutchesons' Educational Trust Scheme 1975 (as amended).

Hutchesons' Educational Trust is a Registered Charity regulated by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR), Scottish Charity Number SC002922.