Joining Hutchesons'

We are delighted to have all our pupils and staff back in school. If you are interested in joining Hutchesons’ for the 2020/21 session you can sign up for one of our open mornings here. For more information about joining Hutchesons’ and for availability in specific year groups please email our Admissions Registrar on



Our History, Our Vision, Our Future

Almost four centuries on from when the school first opened its doors we continue to nurture our Founders’ vision and encourage our pupils to aspire to be honest in their dealings with people, be resilient in the face of difficulties, be independent of spirit, be curious to explore new ideas, be creative in how they make things happen and to always be compassionate to others.

Belong, Flourish, Achieve

We all want the best for our children. At Hutchesons’ we excel at understanding people. We then ensure that they are truly able to achieve their potential and to flourish as we stretch, challenge and nurture them. 

We are academically selective so it is “cool to be clever” and therefore everyone works hard to succeed, and succeed they do.  We try hard to make our curriculum unique and are working hard to ensure that we have a values-driven approach that produces bright, articulate, personable and informed youngsters.  We delight when they show themselves to be capable and independent thinkers who are unafraid to articulate their thoughts and resilient enough to defend their ideas. 

We know that to flourish requires attention to the whole person.  Our pastoral team is wonderful and our extra-curricular offerings are hugely diverse and hugely important. Whether it be sport, art, performance, philanthropy, internationalism or local community involvement we have the platform for your child to develop their own personality. 

We are working closely with our Former Pupils, linking them to each other and to current pupils and parents.  This network is of increasing value both for the education of those still with us but also for lifelong learning. 

Hutchesons’ is a warm and welcoming community.  You will want first-hand evidence to allow you to choose, so don’t delay, get in touch and arrange a visit.