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British Physics Olympiad

Pupils delight in receiving their British Physics Olympiad (BPhO) results and certificates.

Back in January, pupils gave up their own time to take part in an extremely challenging competition and the results and certificates have recently been released to schools.

The British Physics Olympiad (BPhO) is a charitable trust set up in 1979 and hosted by the University of Oxford to, “encourage the study of Physics and to recognise excellence in young physicists”. By liaising with top Universities and schools, the BPhO produces a range of challenging papers that use open-ended and unstructured questions to expand the curriculum and develop problem-solving skills.

Hutchie has a long history of completing these challenges and this year was no exception. Some of our pupils are pictured with their certificates but a full list of candidates and results are listed below.

Congratulations to all pupils on their interest, determination, and their certificate achievements.

• Olympiad Silver and Gold Winners – Robin (S5), Daniel (S4), and Craig (S4).
• Olympiad Senior – S5, Rory, Connor, Euan, Brodi, Sabharwal, Una, Arianna, Robin, Jamie, and Rohan.
• Olympiad Intermediate – Siri (S3), Daisy (S3), Christian (S3), Harnisha (S4), Yusuf (S4), Angus (S4), Alexander (S4), Henry (S4), Ansh (S4), Daniel, (S4), Craig (S4), Ishan (S4), Lucas (S3), Suzana (S3), Jwala (S4), Rachel (S4), Rushi (S4), Destiny (S4), Alexander (S4), Eesa (S4), Elvin (S4), and Rory (S3).

Senior Challenge Results
• Silver (S5) – Robin, Bronze 1 – Neel, Una, Bronze 2 – Jamie, Arianna, Delphie, Shiladitya, Brodi, and Dermot.
• Commendation (S5) – Camille, Tom, Fahd, Annvita, Rachel, Zixi, Foster, James, Archie, Leo, Mona, Sofia, Mathieu, Gregor, Connor, Adam, Euan, Arisha, Prabhkaran, Samuel, and Rory.

Intermediate Challenge Results
• Gold – Daniel (S4), Silver – Craig (S4), Bronze 1 – Tom (S4), Alexandre (S4), Dhruv (S4), Christian (S3), Lucy (S4), Beth (S4), Bronze 2 – Rachel (S4), Dave (S4), Ansh (S4), Henry (S4), Stewart (S4), Elvin (S4), EEA (S4), Felix (S4), Lucas (S3), Herneisha (S4), Ishan (S3), Scree (S4), and Archie (S4).
• Commendation – Alexander (S4), Alexander (S4), Jwala (S4), Aoife (S4), Siri (S3), Gemma (S4), Mohammad H (S4), Vincent (S4), Rushi (S4), Cooper (S4), Campbell (S4), Gregor (S4), Drew (S4), Cameron (S4), Yusuf (S4), Courtney (S4), Matthew (S4), Hamzah (S4), Ali (S4), Charles (S4), Tobey (S4), Angus (S4), Rory (S3), Daisy (S3), Elliot (S4), Rafay (S4), Jamie (S4), Destiny (S4), Jasper (S4), Amima (S4), Zainab (S4), Mohammad A (S4), Harris (S4), Kimmie (S4), Faye (S4), Ben (S4), Hana (S4), Usman (S4), Akinlolu (S4), Finlay (S4), Hafsah (S4), Ayesha (S4), William (S4), Diya (S4), Cameron (S4), Lexi (S4), Hammaad (S4), and Suzana (S3).

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