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Hutchesons’ Pre-School and Nursery is committed to providing a safe, secure and nurturing environment in which children will flourish. By supporting and challenging children through a rich, active play – based curriculum, we ensure that every child fulfils his or her potential.

Learning is child-centred and a well-structured but flexible curriculum allows us to respond to the changing needs and interests of the individual.

Access to the outdoors is crucial to a child’s development and the Pre-School has a dedicated play area. Exploring and experiencing the outdoors on a regular basis allows children to connect with nature and gain a practical understanding of the world around them, along with respect and appreciation for their environment. It also provides an inspiration for creativity and curiosity.

Since we opened Hutchesons’ Grammar Pre-School in August 2018, we have recognised the benefits of the outdoors for our Pre-School children. It has always been our intention to offer outdoor provision and acquiring 10 acres of land at Hutchesons’ at Pollok Park (H@PP) has given Hutchesons’ Pre-School an outdoor space for all of our children.

All children in the Pre-School (pre-schoolers and nursery) spend half their time at H@PP (on Haggs Road) and half their time at Kingarth Street. We operate a two week rolling program with five consecutive days at either H@PP or Pre-School. This provides a balance between both sites, a depth to learning so the children can return somewhere the next day and a routine to follow for families. There is a shuttle bus between our two sites for families who have siblings within the Primary School. The children attend Kingarth Street and H@PP with their key person group.

The Nursery and Pre-School are full for the 2022/23 and 2023/24 sessions. If you would like to be added to the waiting list please complete an application form.
We are now accepting applications for the 2024/25 session and would strongly advise submitting an early application as places are allocated in chronological order.

Outdoor Learning

All our Pre-School children have regular and sustained access to quality outdoor play-based learning through our woodland sessions at Hutchesons’ @ Pollok Park.

We recognise the positive impact being outdoors can have on our children; regular physical contact with the natural world benefits children’s social, emotional and mental wellbeing as well as their cognitive development. Activities such as tree climbing, shelter building and log dragging are ways of building confidence, boosting self-esteem, assessing risk and promoting independence through hands on learning experiences.

With the addition of our Pre-School at Pollok Park we now offer unrivalled outdoor educational experiences
from the age of three.

Hutchesons’ Pre-School has partnership status with Glasgow City Council and other local authorities for 1140hrs funding, and operates all year round to meet the childcare needs of every family.

Children can attend from the age of three. We are open from 8am, with morning sessions from 9am until 12pm and afternoon sessions from 12pm until 3pm. Wrap Around Care is available each day from 3pm until 6pm.

"Feeling sun, wind, rain, snow and ice first hand is important as it connects us as human beings to the planet we live on. Being in nature stimulates the senses and nurtures a sense of wonder and awe at the processes of life. Outdoor environments can offer different surfaces, different levels, lots of natural features to explore, trees to climb, and bushes and shrubs to hide and build dens in. Different natural spaces can simultaneously ignite creativity and imagination whilst fostering a sense of wellbeing and calm."

Education Scotland; Realising The Ambition - Being Me

Nurturing Environment

Our well-qualified, experienced Pre-School team, led by a Senior Teacher, create a warm and welcoming environment designed to foster creativity and curiosity, giving children time to explore and shape their own ideas.

The staff aim to

  • Promote self-confidence, independence and an inquisitive mind-set, sowing the seeds for life-long learning.
  • Identify opportunities for children to discover and gain a better understanding of the wider world and their place in it.
  • Develop an awareness of self and others, leading to an understanding of the value of mutual respect and co-operation.
  • Ensure a firm foundation for the transition to more formal education in Primary 1 and beyond
  • Encourage an open and positive partnership between nursery, home and the wider community.


Learning Through Play

Experience tells us that play-based activities which reflect the unique and ever-changing interests of our children allow them to learn at a pace that’s just right for them.

Our curriculum is robust yet flexible. It is one which will respond to the needs of the children. Our staff take their lead from the children.

At Hutchesons’ Pre-School we believe that natural resources are a wonderful way of tapping into a child’s curiosity and motivation. Working with all of their senses our dedicated staff provide stimulating and challenging experiences in real life, meaningful contexts which develop the child’s critical thinking skills and foster creativity.

Pre-school Nursery Hutchesons' Grammar School Glasgow

Preparing for Primary School

The Pre-School curriculum is broad-based, balanced and incorporates key skills to ensure a seamless transition to Primary 1.

At Hutchesons’ we are strategically committed to providing a whole-school experience, with children now able to join us from the age of three and remain with us through to Sixth Year for the highest quality education.

We firmly believe that a successful and rewarding education is built on the foundations of a Hutchesons’ Primary Education where the emphasis is placed on developing excellent skills of numeracy and literacy in small classes, averaging 18, with a warm and welcoming environment. Our Pre-School experience ensures our children are prepared and ready for the challenges of Primary 1.

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