Payment of Fees

The rates of our school fees are determined annually by the Governors of the Trust.

Fees table 2018-2019


Fee Levels Fees Books & Resources Inclusive Fees Per term 10 Monthly instalments 12 Monthly Instalments
Pre-School 7,320   7,320 2,440               732.00 610.00
Primary 1 9,439   9,439  3,146.33               943.90 786.58
Primary 2 10,052   10,052  3,350.67               1,005.20 837,66
Primary 3-4 10,429   10,429  3,476.33              1,042.90 869.08
Primary 5-7 11,242   11,242  3,747.33               1,124.20 936.83
Secondary 1 & 2 12,168               275 12,443  4,147.67               1,244.30 1,036.92
Secondary 3 - 6 12,168   12,168  4,056.00               1,216.80 1,014.00
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The school provides books and stationery for all pupils from Primary 1 to Secondary 2.
    > Eldest of three siblings receives a 25% discount.
    > Eldest of four siblings receives a 50% discount.

School fees can be paid as follows:

  1. Three equal instalments collected on 3rd September, 2nd January and 1st April by direct debit.
  2. Ten equal direct debit instalments collected on the first banking day of each month from September to June.
  3.  Twelve equal payments paid on the first banking day of each month, September-August.
  4. One annual payment by cheque, which, if paid prior to the end of June, is subject to a 1% discount.
  5. Three equal payments by cheque paid by the first day of each term.
  6.  Payment may also be made by debit/credit card by telephoning Miss Mosson 0141 433 4451
The Governors have arranged Personal Accident insurance for all pupils and staff, which provides cover in the event of disablement or death due to an accident. The cost of this cover is incorporated in the fees each year.

Financial assistance: The Bursary Fund

Financial assistance of up to 100% of the fees is available each year, by competitive entry, to pupils who enter S1. Awards are based both on financial need and academic performance. If you would like your child to be considered for a bursary place, please tick the relevant box in the Application Form and a Bursary Application Form will be sent to you in late November.

The Bursary Application Form must be completed and submitted no later than 5pm on 11 January.
Information on our admissions process is available here.
The Hutchesons’ Bursary Fund provides means tested financial support for families with talented children who would otherwise find it difficult to attend Hutchesons’, so unfortunately parents whose joint income is in excess of £65,000 are unlikely to be successful.

Further details concerning fees may be obtained from:

The Bursar
Hutchesons' Educational Trust
21 Beaton Road
Glasgow G41 4NW
Telephone: 0141 423 2933
Fax: 0141 424 1731