With an unashamedly academic focus, the Curriculum at Hutchesons’ is built around our six core values of Curiosity, Creativity, Compassion, Independence, Honesty and Resilience.

By offering expert and specialist support in the broadest possible range of scientific, artistic, human, linguistic, athletic and technological fields, each child can find their own way to become successful, fulfilled and engaged citizens of the world.

Wherever a child finds that spark of inspiration there is an expert professional there to feed it.

How ‘Hutchie’ values underpin our curriculum


Curiosity is fed not only through the impressive array of subjects on offer, but also through the emphasis on questioning, discovery and research that follows instruction in science, in the humanities, in languages and in literature.


Compassion is nurtured not only through PSHE and the work of the charity committee but through the strength of our international education programme.


Creativity blossoms not only because of the challenge to make new connections in formal lessons, but through the extremely high standards set year after year in music, in the visual arts and in drama.

Independence, Honesty, Resilience.

Through the unique way we encourage pupils through the senior phase to design their own balance of depth and breadth in what and how they learn, each pupil is encouraged to be more authentically themselves.

The values on which our curriculum is based are designed to produce flourishing, confident and engaged young adults ready to contribute to something bigger.

Higher Education and Vocational Skills Development

Under this framework the children naturally develop a range of crucial skills for success at University and the workplace. These include:

  • Independent research skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Independent thought
  • Resilience
  • Self-confidence

Our consistently high academic results are a testament to the success of our curriculum in developing the pupil to reach his or her full potential and our recent leaver destinations is evidence of the diverse career paths followed by our pupils and of our commitment to and success in providing excellence in education.

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