Open Morning 2021

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Pre-School, Primary and Secondary –  Saturday, November 6th, 10am-1pm

Please note that the Pre-School and Primary Open Morning has moved to November 6th

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At secondary, Year Tutor Teams are responsible for ensuring that appropriate support is in place for pupils with additional needs. They work with the Learning Support Department, subject teachers, the pupil and parents with the aim of meeting individual needs in the classroom.

Co-ordinated & Specialist Learning Support

In the Secondary school we aim to ensure that all our pupils feel confident and enjoy learning.  Key principles of support at this stage are communication, continuity and care. We aim to meet most needs within the classroom.

Each House has a designated tutor assigned to monitor and support pupils with identified needs. They work closely with the Head of Learning Support, subject teachers, the pupil and parents to ensure that teaching strategies are effective, that pupils are involved in the support planning, and that assessment arrangements are appropriate. The House team also nurture effective links between academic support and pastoral care.

Support needs are communicated to teachers through a system of Learning Alerts, Target Sheets or Individual Education Plans. These are coordinated and maintained by the Head of Learning Support. The level of support is guided by assessment information, pupil and parent information, and from subject teacher observation and feedback. Support can include meeting with LS staff to discuss learning, attending a small group led by a subject specialist, receiving study support, or advice on choices and pathways.

We are committed to supporting pupils and families and welcome partnership and regular communication.

P7 – S2 Learning Support

The Learning Support Department consists of a LS Teacher (Transition), working closely with the Learning Support Coordinator.

The LS Teacher (Transition) works with pupils from Primary 7 through to S2.  Support at this phase aims to ensure that all pupils make a confident and successful move to the senior school.  Pupils with support needs are monitored by the Year Tutor Team. In addition, they may meet with the LS Teacher to discuss their learning, attend group support for literacy or be supported by a Target Sheet or Individual Education Plan as required.  It is the aim that all pupils are able to access the full curriculum. A small number of pupils may have withdrawn support during planned lesson times.

S3 – S6 Support

From S3 – S6 the support continues to be led by the Year Tutor Teams, working in partnership with the Learning Support Coordinator.

At this stage pupils will continue to receive support and guidance, informed by careful monitoring and tracking. As in earlier years, the aim of support is to provide appropriate, differentiated provision within the classroom. In exceptional and agreed cases reduced timetables and supported study sessions are available.  Support is also available directly from academic departments, and pupils are strongly encouraged to engage openly with their subject teachers.  The Learning Support Coordinator works closely with Heads of Department to identify and plan for pupils that require additional assessment arrangements as they prepare to sit SQA examinations.  During the final year at school, the LS Coordinator will work with the pupil to ensure a successful and supported transition as they prepare to leave school and take the next step.

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