Hutchie Holiday Club

Join the Hutchie Holiday Club this summer! Open to all children aged 4-16 from any school, our fun-filled programme can be viewed here.


While we accept applications for entry to any stage if we have spaces available, our main entry points are P1, P4, P7 and S1.  If you are hoping to join at a stage out with the main entry points, please speak to our Admissions Registrar before applying to check we have spaces available.  You should be reassured that suitably small class size is very much a part of our offering right the way through from Nursery to S6. 

Nursery, Pre-School & Primary

Nursery and Pre-School 

In August 2019 we introduced a nursery class for children aged from three years-old. A key feature of our ten-year strategic plan is to offer a whole school experience and these steps have been taken to allow pupils to join Hutchesons’ in the nursery class and continue their education with us until the end of S6.

We firmly believe that a successful and rewarding secondary education is built on the foundations of a Hutchesons’ primary education where the emphasis is placed on developing excellent numeracy and literacy skills in a warm, welcoming and stimulating environment.

We have local authority partnership funding in place for 1140 hrs.

Lower Primary


Due to increased demand for places and our commitment to maintaining small class sizes means we have put on an additional P1 class for this session, increasing from two to three classes. There are two classes in P2 & P3. Our main entry point is P1 but with over 90 per cent of our pre-school pupils choosing to continue with us into P1 we have limited availability in our two P1 classes. Early applications for next session will allow us to plan capacity for this important stage and an additional class can be created if there is sufficient demand.

Upper Primary


If you are unable to join us in P1 then we would strongly recommend entry by P4. We believe P4 is a very good time to join for both social and educational reasons. It allows your child to settle into their new learning environment and develop their own interests and friendship groups before embarking on some key emotional and cognitive developments in upper primary. Our year group increases from two to three classes in P4 with each having a mix of existing and new pupils.


In recent years P7 has become an increasingly popular entry point for pupils joining Hutchesons’ and there are many benefits of entering at this stage. It allows our teachers to address any gaps in their learning, identified during their entrance assessment, so they are fully prepared for the transition into the senior school. Our year group increases from three to four classes in P7 with each class having a mix of existing and new pupils.


The main entry point is S1. Pupils from our Primary School are joined by a similar number of children from a wide range of other schools. There is the opportunity for children to join us in years if there are spaces.

Admissions Hutchesons' Grammar School Private Primary Glasgow

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