One of the highlights in S6 are the ‘Talking Points’ lectures every Friday.

Throughout the year, various, eminent speakers from a range of backgrounds are invited in to speak to the pupils.

Some examples this session have included climber Jamie Andrew, who lost limbs after being trapped in the Alps, Wing Commander J.J. McMeeking, a Fighter Pilot, and Eddie Hawthorne, Chief Executive of Arnold Clark.

Not only do these talks broaden the pupils’ horizons, but they also instil in them the desire to pursue their own goals, just as the speakers have done, and to make a difference.

The speakers are inspiring and motivational and pass on very good advice to our pupils as they prepare to leave school.

After each talk, pupils take it in turns to attend a buffet lunch with the speaker. This allows them to express themselves in a different forum from the classroom.

Pupils become more confident engaging with the speakers as the term goes on.