School Closure

The school campus is physically closed to pupils due to the Coronavirus pandemic however our teachers are providing online learning for all our pupils. Our Admissions Registrar remains available to assist any parents who would like to enquire or apply for an August 2020 start. Please email


How are our pupils coping?

The new LockdownLowdown survey of 2,500 young people published today gives a clear picture of the impact COVID-19 is having on young people across Scotland.

How does what young people in Scotland are thinking about COVID-19 link into our approach at Hutchesons’? Our Pastoral Teams surveyed senior pupils in the week before the holidays and will do so again next week.

  • Around half of respondents in the Young Scot Survey stated they are moderately or extremely concerned about exams and coursework. Only 11% of our pupils registered this as a worry in our Pastoral survey. We are working hard to determine the best outcomes for our pupils, and are following the advice of SQA. Our pupil survey indicates that staff reassurance is helping pupils worry less.
  • Two-fifths of the Young Scot survey respondents stated they are moderately or extremely concerned about their mental wellbeing. We asked our Senior pupils about how they were coping and 50 flagged up concern. Our Pastoral Staff are talking to those who are finding it a bit harder. Our counsellor is also talking to pupils.
  • Two-fifths of the Young Scot respondents aren’t confident about accessing the information on mental health, and over half don’t know where to access information on financial support. Our pupils have a COVID19 pastoral support resource – all the links, support and organisations who can help are in the one place, for ease of access. Signposting is really important for pupils as they may be isolated from peer support. The majority of pupils knew where to access help and nearly all felt they had someone to talk to about their worries. They have also had a chance to ask for more one-to-one contact if they need it, and pastoral staff are talking to those pupils directly.

The school will continue to monitor the well-being of all our pupils during the lockdown and beyond and Pastoral Teams are available to all pupils.

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