School Closure

The school is now closed to the vast majority of pupils. This is a partial closure and we remain open to younger pupils whose parents are key workers. Following updated Government advice S4-6 pupils will no longer be able to access school to complete SQA coursework and assignments. We are awaiting an update from the SQA but in the meantime we would ask that all S4-S6 do not attend school. For all pupils learning will continue online.
Our Admissions Registrar remains available to assist any parents who would like to enquire or apply for an August 2020 start. Please email


Chemistry pupils attend University Masterclass

S5 pupils Samaya, Ria and Harini attended a Chemistry Masterclass at Heriot-Watt University on Thursday the 12th March, accompanied by Chemistry teacher, Dr Paul McGrath.

The one-day event was held for 5th year pupils and their teachers to enthuse them about Chemistry by performing practical activities in the Heriot Watt teaching laboratory.

The pupils carried out some organic synthesis, either of drug molecules or molecules with biologically significant structures.

They then looked at analytical techniques like IR and NMR spectroscopy to identify them.


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